This Cut-Resistant Kevlar Sleeve Will Shield Your Arm From The Sharpest Knives


You can wear cut-resistant gloves to protect your hands when doing hazardous tasks. Problem is, your hands aren’t the only body parts prone to cuts and burns when doing manual work – your forearm is just in as much of a danger, too. EasyLife’s Kevlar Sleeves can provide your arms with the necessary protection.

Made with DuPont Kevlar, the sleeves reinforce your arms with protection from sharp objects, so you can work with blades, power tools, and similar equipment without exposing your arms to danger. Whether you’re woodworking with power saws, picking flowers on rose bushes, or grooming an unfriendly cat, this thing will keep you from incurring an awful lot of cuts and bruises.


The EasyLife Kevlar Sleeves has a stretchy build to give you full freedom of movement, all while wearing close to the skin to ensure it doesn’t ride up when you’re wearing gloves. It covers both the palm and the back of the hand, with openings for the fingers and thumb, so no part of the arm will be exposed the whole time. A double-ply construction ensures durable protection that’s rated at an ANSI 4 level, so this should handle all but the most extreme of cutting hazards. It measures 18 inches long, so it should cover most of your arms, with the stretch fabric allowing it to be flexible enough to fit most folks.


Available now, the EasyLife Kevlar Sleeves are priced at $19.99.

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