Even Drunks Need To Pass Time Too – The Tavern Puzzle Collection

Don’t be alarmed.  While the above photo looks like your creepy neighbor’s S&M collection at first glance, it’s really not.  Instead, it’s the drunk-worthy Tavern Puzzle Collection, a set of steel-clad brain teasers that’s bound to send alcohol-addled brains into an even worse frenzy.

Made up of beads, chains and rings of all sorts (making the S&M confusion a bit understandable), each mindbender challenges you to find a way to unhook the metal rings from inside the convoluted contraption.   Four different puzzles come with each set, consisting of varying levels of difficulty, namely the classic Bottoms Up, intermediate Clef Hanger, difficult U-Turn and the brain-melting Long Island Catch.

Each piece is made out of 6mm steel, with the beads built from wood.  It ships with a similarly-constructed puzzle perch rack with brass mounts and hooks, so you can hang the games when your inebriated friends are already drooling on their stools, unable to even grab a hold of the puzzles.

It’s marketed to bar owners as a way to keep the patrons busy (and, presumably, away from trouble).  I don’t know, though.  After a long day at work, I’d hit the liquor to unwind, not engage my brain in more problem-solving scenarios.  Just turn on the TV, put it on ESPN and leave me alone.

At any rate, the Tavern Puzzle Collection seems like a nice set of games to display prominently.  The antique cum sexual deviant aesthetic looks way cool.  At a $99.95 price tag, they’re rather cheap for something that can double as bona fide home decorations too (if you’re into Medieval torture chic, that is).

[Product Page via Uncrate]