Build Giant Geysers With The Extreme Mentos Kit

You probably saw the slo-mo video of Steve Spangler’s soda geyser rocket car published yesterday. Well here is some more Mentos and Coke powered toys for you. Its called the Extreme Mentos Kit and will guarantee you get the highest, wildest shooting geysers ever to make a mess in your backyard.

Created by EepyBird, the set lets you recreate the numerous gigantic Mentos-and-Coke spring cannons the group have been posting to the web.  Forget those pansy foam fountains you’ve been producing with your Coke bottles — this is a kit engineered for maximum spurt.

What you’re really paying for with the Extreme Mentos Kit are the multiple PVC plastic nozzles, which are exact replicas of the very contraptions EepyBird themselves use to generate maximum air with their geysers.  Each nozzle is cut into a different shape to vary the kind of explosions you get, such as thin (a thin vertical line), crossed (two thin lines in a cross pattern) and a “tiny pinprick hole that will probably make the Coke hurt as it sprays out at your face.”  Ouch.

Along with the plastic nozzles, you also get complete instructions for use (let’s face it — it’s always best to assume you’re not smart enough to figure things out), a pair of safety goggles and a box of Mentos.  You’ll need to get the Coke yourself, so make sure to pick up a cartload the next time you’re at the supermarket.

The Extreme Mentos Kit is available for $25.

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