These Button Pins Use Magnets To Quickly Swap Out New Designs


If you like wearing button pins, but don’t like putting unnecessary holes in your clothing, then you probably should stop liking the idea of wearing button pins. Since you’re hard-headed and we can’t stop you, someone made an alternative button that sticks to your shirts instead. It’s called Switchpins.

We’re not entirely sure how it adheres to clothing, but it does (maybe some friction thing on the back). Unlike regular pins, the actual part that sticks to your shirt is just a magnetic base, while the actual buttons are designed to snap into it, so you can easily switch designs depending on your mood.


The Switchpins base measures just an inch in diameter, so you can keep it on a shirt on its own and it will look just like a decorative button of some sort. It’s made from plastic, although the actual buttons with the designs are cut in ferrous metal to ensure they stick securely to the base and stay on even when you’re on the go. Each set comes with one base and nine different metal buttons, all of which come with rather generic designs (including one blank), although you can always customize them with a Sharpie to your liking.


Even better, if you can find buttons that can snap onto magnets, we’re guessing you can make them work with the magnetic base, too. Well, hopefully, since that’s the only way to really make this thing fun.

Available now, the Switchpins is priced at $15.

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