Fancy Fence Retracts Into The Ground To Enable Entry To Your Property


It looks like a regular fence to control access to your mad scientist headquarters. Except, it encompasses the entire outer boundary of the area, with no gates or entryways anywhere in sight. That’s because the Fancy Fence can actually retract into the ground, clearing the path to the driveway with a simple push of a button.


That’s right, the fence comes with retractable sections that can sink into the ground on command, ensuring you can still enter your home after spending an entire day out. It retracts completely in a mere five seconds, too, so you won’t have to wait too long, with the fence automatically rising as soon as it detects the area above has been cleared for a certain length of time.

While the Fancy Fence is controlled electronically, there’s also a manual retract option that you can use during power outages. You just have to insert a key on the control board, which is installed on the ground, to have the entire thing get out of the way. Designed to create an elegant appearance, the fence comes with no horizontal elements, with every single slat held up by being buried on the ground. It’s designed to function regardless of weather conditions, too, so rain, snow, and whatever crap comes out of the sky in your part of the world will never render it inoperable.


Three styles of fences are available: steel posts, HPL sheets (wood laminate), and agglomerated quartz slabs (engineered stone), each of which can be set up in whatever configuration you require. Oh yeah, there’s also a walkway hidden within the fencing (they install hinged sections), so you can walk in and out without having to use the retracting system.


No pricing is listed, but you can ask for a quote directly from Fancy Fence.

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