Fasetto Link: This Pocket-Sized Drive Gives You 2TB Of Wireless Storage On-The-Go


While it measures just 2 x 2 x 1 inches, the Fasetto Link houses a whopping 2TB of storage, allowing you to carry a whole load of data in your pocket. Despite that, the amount of storage isn’t even what makes this compact rig so impressive, as the darn thing is also a networked storage that you can connect to wirelessly, essentially giving you a personal cloud storage on the road.

Armed with a 48-layer solid-state VNAND drive, the device doesn’t won’t just accommodate a large amount of data, it will deliver ultra-fast data transfer speeds (read at 2,500 MBps and write at 1,500 MBps), too, making it highly-useful for any application. That means, you won’t be handicapped by slow speeds when working on the go, ensuring you’re just as productive as you are with any other storage.


Sporting a USB-C port, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, your devices can connect to the Fasetto Link in any way you find most convenient. It comes with two Wi-Fi channels, a dedicated 5GHz signal for ad-hoc connections by local devices and a 2.4GHz connection that can jump onto any available network, in case you want to sync its contents your preferred cloud service or remote storage. There’s also an optional LTE-A adapter for syncing without having to mess with your phone’s bandwidth when there’s no Wi-Fi network.


Features include Mil-STD 810G rating for durability, IP-68 waterproofing, 2,048-bit encryption, and a battery rated at five hours of streaming time. It comes with a companion app that allows you to customize permissions for different users.

Available now, the Fasetto Link is priced at $349.99.

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