Goat Hub 70: This Cooler Is Designed To Be A Campsite Hub For Your Gear And Supplies

The cooler is usually one of the bigger pieces of gear you bring along when you’re camping, fishing, or spending any amount of extended time outdoors. It’s necessary, though, since it usually hosts an assortment of food and drinks that you’re going to need for the duration of your stay. If you’re going to bring along something that big, though, why not use it to carry a good load of other gear and supplies? That’s the idea behind the Goat Hub 70.

Like other roto-molded ice boxes, you can use it to chill a big load of food and refreshment over multiple days, so you can enjoy fresh grub and cold drinks even while slumming it off-the-grid in the quiet backcountry for long periods. Unlike them, it’s fitted with a lot more storage than the main cooler compartment, allowing you to use it to use it a central hub for a whole load of things you’ll need in the campsite.

The Goat Hub 70 has a spacious main compartment with enough room to accommodate a big load of cans, bottles, and sealed bags of food, along with a heap of ice to chill them all down to low temperatures. For reference, most 70-quart coolers (we’re assuming it’s 70-quarts based on the name) can cram 100 cans of beverage (with no more room for ice, though), so that’s a whole lot of room to carry any food and drinks you need. It’s roto-molded, so it should be as tough as the YETI you usually bring to your outdoor adventures, with a deep wall profile that allows it to retain ice for much longer. All the usual cooler elements are onboard, too, including side handles, a hinged lid, and locking buckles out front.

Instead of a straightforward tub shape, the cooler has turrets on the corners with slots designed to fit the outfit’s storage “cans.” Measuring 5.5 x 14.75 x 4.6 inches (width x height x depth), the cans can be used to store any small gear or supplies that won’t otherwise work inside the main cooler compartment. You can use one can to hold any hygiene products you want to bring to the trip, for instance, while another holds fishing supplies, a couple shirts for changing, or a host of tools you’ll need at camp.

The Goat Hub 70 can accommodate four of those cans, allowing you to carry a good load of gear and supplies right on the cooler. They also have a cargo net out front for even more storage room. Need to have more of those cans for other stuff you’re bringing along? They also have a dedicated rack that holds eight of those cans in tow that you should be able to stack on top of the cooler, whether you’ve got it stashed in the boot of your car or the bed of your pickup truck. Those cans, by the way, are also available in themed kits, so you can buy cans filled with first aid kit, basic shelter, and all sorts of other gear.

The Goat Hub 70 is available now, priced starting at $399.99.

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