Guncomb Wants To Go Pew Pew On Your Hair


Who’s the fastest groomer in the west?  Now you can find out with the Guncomb, a good old’ finely-toothed comb clad in the shape of a gun.  Yep, so you can hold a hairstyling showdown at the O.K. Corral.

Tuck it inside your pants with the handle sticking out and watch people stare at you with awe.  “That guy right there is the fastest guncomber in the West,” they all say under their breaths, “Don’t mess with him or he’ll comb your crop into a 50s-style pompadour. ”


Made in Taiwan, the Guncomb works much like any regular hair grooming accessory, combing your messy, just-out-of-bed hair into a neat and clean pile with just a few strokes.  It’s made out of ABS plastic in a familiar handheld pistol shape, measuring 200 x 100 x 5 mm.

Even better, it could look like a real gun from afar or, at the least, a gun-shaped homemade weapon.  Dudes who maintain a messy hair will cower in fear at your sight.  However, beware of cops, who may not take kindly to packing such fashionable artillery – I doubt they’ll understand the life of a Guncomb-toting cowboy.

Damn it.  This thing looks so cool I just might grow my shaved hair back, buy a box of pomade and wear my head like Elvis.  The Guncomb is available at Taiwan-based 25ToGo for around $10.

[25 To Go via Crunch Gear]