Handbag Security Safe Locks Tight, Thwarts Thieves

Handbags are easy targets for thieves of all shapes and sizes.  Especially those times when you're not paying attention, like when you've got it on the cart at the grocery or on the sand while lounging at the beach.  If you're worried about getting thieved on, the Handbag Security Safe should prove a more suitable alternative.

Instead of a padded strap, the bag comes with a braided steel strap similar to a bike lock (complete with a translucent PVC covering), so you can secure it onto a fixed frame, like your bike's handlebar or a shopping cart's handle.  The strap won't pry loose and the bag won't open until you punch in the right numbers on the combination lock, giving thieves a harder time even if the entire thing gets stolen.

The Handbag Security Safe measures 22 x 9 x 31 cm, allowing for ample space to hold most things you'd normally put in a handbag.  Shell is hard, made from a tough copolymer plastic that won’t allow it to be slashed open even by persistent thieves armed with a card knife or some other bladed weapon.  It should also repel water and dirt, making it ideal for use during picnics and outdoor activities.

While it won't make for the most convenient bag, this security container does look like it will do its thief-thwarting job just fine.  Heck, you can even use it as a mini-safe at home if you're not taking it out -- just hook that strap to some fixed frame and hide your secret stash in there.

You can get the Handbag Security Safe in one of three colors (yellow, red and purple), priced at $38.