Hi-Reflective Umbrella Makes You Easy To Spot At Night

When it rains at night, a trusty umbrella works just as well to keep you dry.  Problem is, rain makes it doubly hard to see at night, so motorists will find it even tougher to notice when you’re crossing the street.  That won’t be the case with this Hi-Reflective Umbrella.

Designed by Yee-Ling Wan, it comes with a reflective canopy that will bounce light off to make you plenty easy to spot in the middle of the night.  That way, even intoxicated motorists falling half-asleep while driving in the rain in the middle of the night can recognize there’s a darn person in the middle of the road and, hopefully, hit the brakes.

The Hi-Reflective Umbrella is an erstwhile regular bumbershoot, with the 9.65-feet canopy sporting a classic dark gray shade during daytime use.  It uses a telescopic pole, so it measures just 1.97 feet long when folded up, as well as aluminum hardware and a plastic handle to keep everything lightweight.  The aluminum construction should keep it super tough, too, so you can take it even in the midst of strong winds.  Granted, we doubt it’s going to survive 70mph winds as capably as the aerodynamic SENZ Umbrella, but it should hold up for most situations.

Suck UK has the Hi-Reflective Umbrella available now, priced at £25.

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