Hydra Book Light Shines A Lamp On Two Pages At Once

We don’t know if you still read physical books, but this Hydra Book Lamp sure will be handy if you like reading in bed with the lights turned down.  We reckon you can also use it if you read from two Kindles at the same time, but you probably have bigger problems than bad lighting if that’s your usual thing.

Why buy a two-headed book lamp when a single adjustable lamp will do?  According to the product page, doing so cuts down the amount of adjusting you will have to do to align the light just right.  It should cut the time in half, we’re guessing, since you now adjust once and read two pages before having to readjust for the next spread.  That just made me realize how cumbersome physical books are again, but we guess you have your reasons for sticking with the old school print.

The Hydra Book Light features two heads — each with its own LED bulb for lighting two separate pages at the same time.   The heads are tethered to an adjustable 5-inch neck that you can flex and bend at will, with a 3-inch clip for tucking onto your book’s spine.  It requires two AA batteries for operation.

If you continue to read paper volumes and don’t intend to cross over to electronic books soon, this just might become your new, favorite bedside reading companion.  Oh yeah, and you’re probably really old, too.  The Hydra Book Light is available now, priced at $15.