Hydro Flask Down Shift Pack Will Keep Cyclists Comfortable In The Outdoors Better Than Your Backpack

Backpacks with integrated hydration packs are a veritable comfort in the outdoors – they free you up from having to carry a separate bottle, all while letting you take a refreshing sip without having to stop. The Hydro Flask Down Shift Pack does hydration backpacks one better by keeping your drink cold far longer than a typical hydration bladder.

Equipped with an insulated water reservoir, the backpack can keep your refreshment of choice reasonably chilled for over four hours on the road. Whether you’re fishing, hiking, or exploring the mountain via singletracks, this thing will keep your drink chilled for longer, allowing you to enjoy a more satisfying sip any time you get parched.

The Hydro Flask Down Shift Pack comes with a neoprene sleeve for the hydration bladder that’s equipped with reflective lining, so cold temperature is reflected back inside the compartment, and an articulated rear panel to keep it away from your back, so you don’t end up imparting the temperature of your hot, sweaty back onto the drink inside. It pairs that with a two-liter insulated bladder that does much of the job of keeping the water chilled, allowing you to enjoy a more refreshing sip even after a couple of hours grinding away under the midday sun.

Unlike many backpacks that put the water reservoir near the top, this model puts it lower on the bag, putting the weight at a lower center of gravity to increase the bag’s stability while you shift your weight around, whether you’re hiking on rocky trail, riding your mountain bike uphill, or balancing yourself on a shaky boat while trying to drag a large fish out of the water. Simply put, all the extra weight put on by the water won’t weigh you down, ensuring you’ll have an easy time, no matter what activity you’re performing. The integrated hydration system uses a self-sealing bite valve that closes down after you take a sip, as well as a plug-and-play connect system that makes it easy to remove everything when you need to refill.

The Hydro Flask Down Shift Pack is a 14-liter backpack, so this can fit a good amount of gear for day hikes and other short jaunts, complete with multiple easy-access compartments, so you can grab snacks, tools, and other accessories quickly as you need them. While the water section isn’t designed to touch your back, the rest of the rear pack is equipped with padding to keep things comfortable while you’re on the move, while adjustable sternum and hip straps ensure you can customize the bag for a snug fit on your body. While there are no details on the bag’s construction, the outfit claims it’s made from a tough fabric that’s resistant to puncture, tear, and abrasion, along with a reinforced base for durable support when you set it down. Other features include helmet attachment loops, an integrated whistle on the sternum strap, a key clip, and webbing for a bike light attachment.

The Hydro Flask Down Shift Pack is available now, priced at $144.95.

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