Never Run Out Of Water During Runs With The Koala Bottle Hydration System


It’s not the first design we’ve seen of a belt and water bottle combo. They’re a regular part of the gear requirements for runners, cyclists, and hikers alike. While most solutions rely on smaller bottles that are easier to keep stable during activity, the Koala Bottle Hydration System doesn’t, allowing you to keep a sizable supply of refreshment within easy reach.

Available in 21oz and 24oz models, the system lets you carry a regular-sized water bottle, rather than those tiny units that merely hold a couple sips. That way, you can carry enough water to last the entire length of your run, rather than having to refill a number of times along the way.


The Koala Bottle Lumbar Belt Hydration System consists of three items: a water bottle, a bottle cage, and a lumbar belt where you can attach the cage. A metal ring on the neck of the bottle allows it to snap securely onto magnets in the cage, all while snapping off with a quick pull, so you can mount it on and off with one hand even while on the move. The belt, on the other hand, is made from outdoor-grade nylon, with the ability to fit around waists between 20 and 44 inches. And, yes, this system uses the same bottle cage that can be mounted on bicycles, so you can use remove it from the belt and mount it on your frame if you’d rather spend the week training on a road bike instead.


Available now, the Koala Bottle Lumbar Belt Hydration System is priced at $64.99.

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