This Puffer Jacket Lets Kids Wreak Havoc Like The Incredible Hulk In The Snow


Building a snowman is fun. Destroying that snowman while dressed as the Hulk, on the other hand, is even better. Problem is, wearing that Hulk costume in freezing temperatures probably won’t fly. Fortunately, has all the Hulk-loving kids covered with this Incredible Hulk Puffer Jacket.

That’s right, this puffer jacket is covered in the likeness of the Green Goliath, so kids can go sledding, hold snowball fights, and engage in general winter mayhem while decked as Bruce Banner’s alter-ego. And, yes, it should keep kids toasty like any good puffer jacket, so they don’t have to freeze to prance around like a gamma-irradiated beast.


The Incredible Hulk Puffer Jacket is sublimation-printed to resemble the Hulk’s green skin, with muscle lines beautifully marked using detailed stitching. It has a removable, flip-up hood that’s printed with hair and head details for an even better likeness of the beastly Avenger, although your kid will have to supply the angry face to really complete the look. And, yes, it looks so much better when worn with a pair of those Hulk Smash fists, although it should make doing anything other than destroying things a bit more difficult.


Ribbed comfort cuffs, a storm flap, and mid-weight insulation ensure the jacket provides excellent protection in the cold, with a water-repellent finish allowing it to stay dry when a snowball fight breaks out. And, yes, they make a similar puffer in the likeness of other superheroes, too, so the kids can totally assemble their own Avengers team.

Available now, the Incredible Hulk Puffer Jacket is priced at $79.99.

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