Instead Of Drying Clothes, This Rustic 12-Inch Clothespin Serves As Decorative Wall Storage


Looking for a less than conventional way of storing stuff around the house? While it’s definitely not the most efficient, this Rustic 12-Inch Clothespin definitely fits the bill.

Made by Etsy seller Cherry Tree Gallery, it’s a clothespin similar to the ones people use to hang freshly-washed garments on a line when they don’t have access to a dryer. Except this supersized version is designed for mounting on walls, allowing you to use them to clip onto a variety of items around the house, essentially serving as additional wall storage. Use it to clip towels in the bathroom, a jacket in the living room, or a bag full of LEGOs in your kid’s bedroom, among a whole host of possible storage applications.


The Rustic 12-Inch Clothespin is made from wood, similar to traditional clothespins, with a simple design that reflects its utilitarian purpose. We’re not entirely sure how strong its hold is, although the product page appears to recommend it for use with lighter items, so you may want to steer clear of using it for grabbing onto any fragile stuff that could slip out and break on the floor. It measures 12 x 2.5 inches (l x w), with a brass-plated tooth hanger in the back for easily mounting on a hook or a nail. As an alternative, you can stand it upright on the table, using the mouth to clip any object and keep it in place (cool way to display a picture, for instance).


Available now, the Rustic 12-Inch Clothespin is priced at $28.

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