Keurig Kold Makes Chilled Coke, Sprite, And More Right On Your Countertop


It’s no hyperbole to say Keurig revolutionized gourmet coffee at home, but can they do the same for cold, carbonated drinks? We’re not sure, but the Keurig Kold definitely has everyone paying attention.

Just like the company’s single-serve coffee machines, you simply fill the device with water, pop in one of their pods, and watch as it dispenses a chilled and carbonated soda drink. No refilling CO2 canisters necessary, either, so it’s just as convenient as the outfit’s now-ubiquitous coffee machines.

The Keurig Kold takes about a minute to make an 8-ounce serving of fizzy soda, which it dispenses at a perfectly-chilled temperature of 44 degrees, so you get your drink cold right from the tap. It avoids the need for a CO2 canister by bundling the carbonation ingredients right on the pod, along with the flavoring syrup and whatever other alchemy actually goes into a serving of Coca Cola. They also have licensing agreements with some popular soda brands, so you can buy pods of Coke (all varieties), Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, and Canada Dry, along with some of Keurig’s own proprietary flavors. They’re also looking at following up the soda line with cocktail mixer pods, so you can make brain-blasting cocktails right from the same countertop machine.

The catch? It’s more expensive than ordering a 12-pack of your favorite soda online, with a four-pack of pods retailing at between $4 and $5. Of course, there’s a certain thrill to dumping a pod and watching fresh Coca Cola come out, but that probably makes it a no-go for more money-conscious households. At least, until the cocktail pods arrive.

Now available online (it hits physical stores during the holidays), the Keurig Kold is priced at $369.99.

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