Klafs Sauna S1 Is A Retractable Steam Room For Small Apartments


An in-home sauna isn’t in the usual list of luxuries one gets to enjoy when living in a small apartment. That kind of amenity just takes up too much space to be viable for even mid-sized apartments. At least, that’s the case if you’re installing anything other than the Klafs Sauna S1.

A retractable sauna, it takes up just as much as room as a standing display shelf when not in use, making it suitable for setting up even in a single bedroom condo. Just make sure it has enough space out front to expand when being equipped for sauna use and you can have a place to enjoy a hot steam bath right in the comfort of your own home.


When retracted, the Klafs Sauna S1 measures just two feet deep while sitting flush against the wall, all while expanding to over five feet deep when transforming into a fully-functional steam room. It comes with all the necessary equipment to cover you in sweat-inducing billows of steam, including a heater, an air channel system, and a digital thermostat for setting precise adjustments. Folding benches allow users to plop down and rest their legs while inside the sauna, with three different size options (they differ in widths) allowing you to install just the right size to accommodate your needs.


Because of its retractable nature, the sauna is made using wooden walls that are equipped to resist warping (if it warps, it can’t retract properly). It’s also 40 percent lighter than similarly-sized traditional saunas due to a sandwiched wood construction.

Learn more about the Klafs Sauna S1 from the link below.

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