A Rigid Vertical Build Allows The Klik Belt To Function Like Batman’s Utility Belt


It looks like any regular belt. The Klik Belt, however, brings a unique construction that enables tactical function, making it an ideal belt for law enforcement, rescue workers, and superheroes that like to conceal weapons right around their waist.

Designed to be very rigid yet comfortable, the belt is designed to accommodate all sorts of holsters, clips, and mounting accessories for any object you want to carry for the day without sagging. Whether you want to holster a pistol, mount an axe, or put a veritable collection of tools on your belt, this thing should handle the darn things while holding up all day long.


The Klik Belt is made from a three-ply material that combines two layers of nylon on the outside with a triple-stitched rigid webbing inside. This results in a belt that’s very rigid vertically, allowing it to support all sorts of heft weighing down on it, all while being very pliable in the horizontal plane, so it’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. There’s no word on how much total weight the darn thing can handle, but from how we’ve seen people use it, it will definitely hold a candle up to Batman’s utility belt, as far as mounting gadgets, tools, and weapons are concerned.

Obviously, a belt that will potentially carry a good amount of heft needs a buckle that can withstand it on top of a rigid band material. That’s why the outfit is using the patented Cobra buckle, which they claim to be the strongest side-release buckle in the world. Again, there’s no word on how much weight it will support before failure, but if this thing is being used by tactical personnel (the outfit claims their customers include law enforcement, defense agencies, and the military), we’re guessing the darn thing can handle a lot.


The Klik Belt’s Cobra buckle, by the way, is made from 7075 aluminum, which provides plenty of strength while adding very little weight to your attire. As far as styling goes, it can should wear well with casual and business casual attires, although you’re going to have to bring a whole lot of swag if you want to wear it with any of your formal clothes. And, yes, the outfit does have lifestyle pictures of people wearing it with erstwhile dressy outfits.


It comes in two widths: 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches, so you can use the former for pants with narrow loops and the latter for offering maximum support for anything you want to affix to it. Do note, the 1.5-incher is only two-ply, so it’s not as tough as the full-size version. There’s also an option with a D-ring on the buckle, giving it an instant attachment point in case you need one, as well as a single-ply option for those who don’t intend to load it with much weight. It’s true to size, as well, so just get the same size as you pant size to get the perfect fit.

The Klik Belt is available now.

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