Land Carpet Is A Modular Rug With Aerial View Designs

Here’s a unique way to make your floors look like they came right out of a video game: Land Carpet.  What is it?  It’s an area rug clad in unusual shapes, that, when put together, is designed to look like an overhead satellite image of large plots of land on earth.

Created by designer Florian Pulcher, the “modern area rugs” are patterned after real fields and farms around the world, mimicking the way you would likely see the view below while on an airplane.  Four current models are available, namely Europe, Africa, Netherlands and the USA, with the colors and shapes of the individual carpet modules resembling aerial views for the region.

The Land Carpet comes in two sizes – 94.5 x 70.8 inches for the Netherlands model and 70.8 x 47.2 inches for the other three.  All rugs are carefully hand-tufted and are made from 100% New Zealand wool, for its warm and comfortable texture.  Each model has exactly 88 pieces (with every single one signed by the designer) and need to be bought in sets, since the shapes won’t match otherwise.

Do note that certain color themes dominate each carpet model, so if you’re buying, check out the images to see how well it would look with the rest of your home.  The Africa rug, for instance, comes with plenty of beiges and browns, while the USA is decked primarily in greens and yellows.

The USA, Europe and Africa Land Carpets are available for $1,200, with the larger Netherlands version selling for a more expensive $2,100.

[Florian Pucher via Dornob]