Lawn Darts Are Back, Ready To Party Like Its 1980!



Sometimes danger comes hand in hand with cool and most of us enjoy teetering on that edge every now and then.  There’s a very slight gap, however, between enjoyable hazards and utter stupidity.  Lawn darts, those super fun games your drunk uncles used to play from the 1980s, are actually pretty safe, compared to the lot of dangerous things you can get into.

They’re usually harmless until one of those same drunk uncle starts throwing them in reckless ways.  Oh, by the way, they’re back.

Legal restrictions on lawn dart sales have not yet been lifted, though the the folks selling them have been able to find a loophole to temporarily exploit.  Instead of selling lawn darts as a packaged product, they sell the two parts that comprise each dart individually.  As such, you can buy one plastic fin and one metal tip, put them together and have exactly the same thing.

The company, Jarts In The Heart, cautions against folks looking to buy their products.  According to the website, “if you have the IQ of a monkey,” you shouldn’t buy lawn darts.  They also require you to be 18 before being able to purchase.  Because everything’s sold online, however, the whole warning seems like an exercise to be clever, more than any real concern.

Since lawn darts are very scarce, the guys are making a killing, pimping them at a very steep price.  You’ll need two sets, one of plastic fins ($49.99) and one of metal tips ($12.99), for a playable game.  Lazy Sunday afternoons just might see a few stray cats killed accidentally with puncture wounds once more.

By the way, I think the resurgence of interest in their offering has flooded Jarts In The Heart’s site with visitors so they’re redirecting to YouTube, for now.  Check back in a day or two if you want to get yours!