LED Furniture Turns Your Living Room Into A Club VIP Section


Want your living room to look like the VIP corner of a nightclub?  Not a problem with Customized Design’s LED Furniture, which throws in remote-controlled lighting systems on otherwise typical home and bar furnishings.

Turn off the lights on the ceiling, turn on the LEDs on the furnishings and pile on the drinks.  See, it’s just like being in a club, except you don’t have to pay cover and the drinks aren’t overpriced by two piggy banks.  Now, if you can only convince your wife that buffalo wings and french fries every night is good for your health, you’ll be all set.


Customized Designs has mostly tables and stools available pre-built, although they can put together any kind of furniture you’d like to see fitted with LEDs (they claim they can do any piece with any shape at any size).  Each one gets 16 static colors, four color-changing modes and dimming capabilities, all accessible from a handheld remote console.


Even a small coffee table with mood-setting illumination (like the Cubix LED Coffee Tables they have on stock) should be enough to lend your living room a decidedly classy atmosphere.  With regular house lights on, they won’t look too shabby either, as they offer a wide range of available materials and finishes.

Prices for the stock items range from $349 (a 19 x 19 inch bar table) to $899 (like the 24 x 48 inch racetrack table), so expect custom builds to go a little pricier.

[Customized Designs via Born Rich]