MetalBeard’s Sea Cow LEGO Set 70810 As Seen At Toy Fair 2014, Exclusive Pics And Video

Being a pirate is no easy life. Spending weeks in the water, dealing with the hazards of the open seas and facing shady characters just does not make for a peaceful and serene life. When you have a ride as sweet as MetalBeard’s pirate ship from The LEGO Movie, however, maybe things don’t have to be so bad. And now, you can have the same elaborate watercraft in your collection with the LEGO MetalBeard Sea Cow.

The largest movie-themed set at 2,741 pieces, the seafaring set is an exact replica of the ride MetalBeard sailed around in at the film. Two Micro Managers waiting to attack the ship are even included (a large one with fold-up wings, flick missiles, and two claws, as well as a small one with a net shooter), allowing you to reenact the exciting battle scene from the movie .

LEGO MetalBeard’s Sea Cow is an incredibly-detailed set, aptly recreating a whole host of elements from the original ship, including the captain’s quarters, boiler room, ammunition deck, and crow’s nest. The captain’s quarters come with a treasure chest filled with gold coins and jewels, along with blueprints, maps, a globe, a sextant, and a portrait of the pirate captain. Ship details include a quarter of rear propellers, a pair of side turbines, lanterns, a chimney, and a variety of tools (gold crowbar, wrench, shovel, and more). And, yes, the double-decker couch Emmet used as a raft is included, too.

To protect the ship from the Micro Managers, the Sea Cow comes with six cannons and two boxes of ammunition. As always, there are a bunch of minifigs on board, namely Metal Beard, Unikitty, Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, and Benny.

Slated for availability in March, LEGO MetalBeard’s Sea Cow will retail for $249.99.