Logitech G309 Lightspeed Offers Lightweight Versatility at an Attractive Price

Logitech’s Powerplay mousepad is an incredibly useful tool, as it can wirelessly charge any compatible mouse as you use it, essentially eliminating the need to manually charge your mouse ever again. Problem is, all the compatible Logitech mice are on the more expensive end, making it less of an attractive option for more price-conscious users. The Logitech G309 Lightspeed changes that.

No, it’s still not a dirt cheap mouse and Logitech definitely has cheaper models in their roster of products. However, it is the first Powerplay-compatible mouse to come in at under $100 and it’s bringing a heck of a lot of features along with that attractive price point. Seriously, there’s, at least, one thing here that isn’t available anywhere else in their lineup, which is pretty amazing.

The Logitech G309 Lightspeed is a wireless gaming mouse that offers dual wireless connectivity, either over Bluetooth or the included Lightspeed dongle. It can be powered using a single AA battery, which is enough to last it up to 300 hours when connected to the Lightspeed wireless dongle or 600 hours over Bluetooth. However, it also houses a supercapacitor that can act as a mini-battery when you use it with the outfit’s Powerplay mousepad, which constantly charges the supercapacitor, so you can remove the AA cell whenever you’re using it with the mousepad in tow. And yes, it’s actually the outfit’s first mouse to use a supercapacitor, so we expect to see the same thing down the line with their next few releases. Suffice to say, it’s a heck of a lot more convenient than having to charge your mouse every few weeks or so.

It uses a Hero 25K sensor, which is normally found on the outfit’s more premium gaming mice. To the unfamiliar, this optical sensor has 25,600 DPI, essentially tracking movement at a sub-micron level, all while boasting superior tracking accuracy at velocities over 400 IPS over the full DPI range, allowing it to deliver impressive levels of responsiveness and precision. It’s power-efficient, too, since it constantly adjusts the frame rate based on the mouse’s movements, which, we guess, is what gives the mouse its long battery life.

The Logitech G309 Lightspeed also gets the outfit’s hybrid optomechanical switches, which, essentially, combines the responsiveness of optical sensors with the tactile feel of mechanical systems. It comes with six programmable buttons, which you can use to map game controls or custom shortcuts, all while weighing just 86 grams with a AA battery or 68 grams when used with the Powerplay mouse pad. That’s right, it’s just eight grams heavier than Logitech’s own Superlight 2, which is amazing for a reasonably affordable model.

Obviously, you’ll want to use this with the Powerplay mousepad in order to really take advantage of the infinite battery life and the incredible weight savings. The catch is, that mousepad is more expensive than this mouse, retailing for a pretty steep $120. However, it’s for the convenience of never having to charge your mouse again, which is still an attractive proposition, price notwithstanding.

The Logitech G309 Lightspeed is available now in black or white.

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