Build Your Own Kid-Sized Spaceship With Makedo’s Space Pod Launch Kit


Sure, you can put your woodworking skills to work and build your kids a space pod like some awesome dads we see regularly see on the internet. Or you can just be a normal dad and get your kids the Makedo Space Pod Launch Kit, a cardboard kit that kids can assemble into their very own spaceship, so you can spend the day doing other productive things instead. Like, you know, building an actual spaceship or something.

Measuring over four feet tall, the pod gives your kids plenty of room inside, so they can spend hours in the cockpit comfortably. Granted, they’ll probably spend most of the time kneeling and sitting down, as well as crawling to get in and out of the undersized entry hatch, but that actually makes it sound a heck of a lot more fun (it’s like potholing at home).


The Makedo Space Pod Launch Kit consists of pre-cut cardboard panels that have been pre-printed with detailed graphics to depict a realistic spacecraft. That includes numerous details on the exterior, along with a busy control panel where they can do everything from piloting the ship to blasting the neighboring asteroid into smithereens. Designed in part as a construction toy, the individual cardboard panels are assembled using screw-like fasteners that you drive into designated holes using an included handheld tool. Each kit comes with 130 pieces, including 73 screws and two handheld tools, so building this thing should keep kids (and you, if they’re too young to do this on their own) busy for a bit of time.


Available exclusively at Target, the Makedo Space Pod Launch Kit is priced at $80.

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