Merit Badges: Not Just For Boy Scouts Anymore

Want to be recognized for the awesome person that you are?  Now you can.  Except you’ll have to award the accolades yourself with these Merit Badges.  Put them on your jacket and beam with pride as you tell your friends all the great things you’ve done in the world.

Made by Disorderly Goods, they work just like the badges you probably remember from your days as a Boy Scout — you get one for displaying a particularly desirable trait.  Instead of getting rewarded for camping skills and first aid ability, though, you get props for being a well-adjusted adult.

Each Merit Badge has a circular shape, measuring 1.5 inches in diameter.  They’re all fully embroidered with attractive graphics, so you can slap them on your favorite coat like those band patches you used to decorate your jeans with in high school.   You don’t need to sew them on, either — each one has an iron-on backing, so you can stick them to your clothing with a regular flat iron.

The badges vary in kind, although each one represents a quality that you’ll probably want on your side.  The dipper badge, for instance, is awarded for dreaming big, while you can earn the voodoo doll by using your powers for good, instead of evil.  Sure, you’ll be awarding them to yourself, which tends to skew things a bit — you know you’re awesome, though, so you deserve it.

Disorderly Good’s Merit Badges are available individually for $10 each.  A set of a dozen, called the Overachiever 12 Pack, can be purchased for $114.

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