Minjjoo Children’s Door Adds A Door Within A Door

Children and leprechauns have been having a hard time opening doors since I can remember. Quite simply, they’re too short to comfortably reach the handle and turn it to open. Finally, someone came up with a solution in the form of the Minjjoo Children’s Door.

Designed by German firm Jjoo and manufactured by Holitsch, it’s basically a small door within a regular door, complete with its own lock and handle. That way, your height-challenged inhabitants, from children 1.5 years onwards, can make their own way in and out of rooms inside your house all by themselves.

The Minjjoo Children’s Door comes in two sizes to fit the most common doorway measurements. Each one comes its own integrated inset door, doorframe and handle set, with options for having it open either to the left or to the right. Finished with white chalkboard coating, it allows you to quickly wipe off any drawings made with chalks and water soluble markers, making it completely kid-friendly. It can also be painted over, in case the plain white color doesn’t do it for you.

Those with irregularly sized doorways can order custom sizes bearing the same design with the integrated children’s door. You can buy it both as a complete set, with the door leaf, frame and handles, or as individual components.

How good would it feel to call up your leprechaun ex-roommates and tell them they can now move back in? Price for the Minjjoo Children’s Door starts at €795 for the complete set.

[Minjjoo via DesignBoom]