Use Modulos To Build Any Shape And Size Of Table That You Want


Modular furniture is always appealing, as its ability to evolve as your needs change means it can stay useful far longer. That’s definitely the case with the Modulos, a modular desk solution that’s about as versatile as we’ve ever seen.

Consisting of individual modules for the tabletops and legs, the desk can literally be configured to any dimensions, allowing you to use the same rig to build a small coffee table, a large work desk, or even a 20-person dining table. Basically, just add and remove modules to build what you need, making for a truly versatile modular desk solution.


The Modulos comes with two general types of components: tabletop modules and legs. Those tabletop modules consist of wooden boards that can be easily connected together using the included metal pins and screws. Yes, you’ll have to use a screwdriver to secure everything, but that ensures the tabletop is solid enough to support a whole lot of weight, much like any conventional table. Any flat side of each board can connect to the flat side of another board, by the way, allowing you to build desks in any shape and size. Want to make an extra-long dining table? This will do the trick. How about a U-shaped desk? Yep, not a problem.

Nine different tabletop modules are available. The Basic module is a square wooden board that you can use to build a conventional-looking rectangular tabletop, while the Rounded module is the same wooden board with one rounded edge for those folks who want to build tables with no hard edges. The other seven are, basically, variants of the Basic module, each one adding something different to the mix. Those added elements include a cable hole, a pencil holder, a table dock, a rotary tablet dock, a power outlet, a USB hub, and a wireless charging mat, respectively.


Each Modulos board comes with six screw holes on each bottom corner designed to accommodate the legs, so you can attach four legs on just a single board if all you want is to build a small side table. This means you can also easily add multiple legs to any table you put together, which you’ll probably need once you start building them in funky configurations just because you can. It comes with two leg sizes, by the way: one sized for standard table height (for desks and dining tables) and another sized for coffee tables.


According to the outfit, their table can support as much weight as any conventional desk, as long as you make sure all the connectors are properly screwed down and there are enough legs to support the tabletop size. Each wooden board, by the way, measures 13.8 inches on all sides, so a four-unit setup can make for a functional small desk, which probably makes it a good starting option. When your needs change, just order more boards and legs as you see fit.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Modulos. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $159.

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