This 3D-Printed Digital Sundial Can Show The Time In Actual Numbers


Like other sundials, this Digital Sundial relies on the position of the sun to visually indicate the time of day. Unlike them, it displays the time in actual numbers like a digital clock, making it a heck of a lot easier to read than any other sundial.

Created by Mojoptix, the cleverly-engineered sundial shows the time in actual digits right inside its shadow, making the silhouette look like a projected digital display. Even better, you can set the time late or advanced by simply rotating the projecting portion of the sundial, so you can easily adjust the clock for daylight saving time.


The Digital Sundial is a 3D-printed object with a complex pattern of holes that are designed to allow light to pass through at strategic angles to display the correct time. Like all sundials, it can’t tell time all day (it needs the sun up), with the hole patterns only able to show the time between 10 AM to 4 PM. It also only shows the time in 20 minute increments, which, since you’re crazy enough to use a sundial to tell time, probably won’t be that big of a deal.


Each sundial consists of four 3D-printed parts that are attached together using standard nuts and bolts, with a weighted jar serving as a base to keep it stable on the surface. Two different sets of sundials are available: one for those living in the Northern Hemisphere and another for those in the Southern half of the planet.

Available now, the Mojoptix Digital Sundial is priced at $77.36.

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