Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set Digitizes Everything You Write In Real-Time


Moleskine is no stranger to technology, having previously partnered with Adobe, Evernote, and Livescribe to automatically digitize anything scribbled on their notebooks. This time around, the company is going out on its own with their tech-packing Moleskine Smart Writing Set.

Consisting of an erstwhile normal-looking notebook and pen, the set automatically digitizes all your notes, scribbles, and brainstorms on paper in real time. No taking pictures of each finished page necessary – as long as you use the notebook and pen from the set, every line you write automatically gets sent to the accompanying app.


The Moleskine Smart Writing Set’s notebook, which they call Paper Tablet, comes with an invisible grid called NCode, which the system uses to determine the position of everything you jot down.  Much of the work of digitizing everything, though, comes from the pen, which packs an onboard camera that takes a snapshot every time the pen’s tip hits the paper. Everything is automatically beamed via Bluetooth to the accompanying app (Neo Notes), although it’s iOS-only for now, with the Android version slated to come out later.


Onboard storage on the pen allows it to store up to 1,000 pages of notes during those times you’re not paired to a phone, so you can still digitize everything even if you leave the phone behind.  To make sure you don’t mistake the Paper Tablet for a regular Moleskine notebook (where the pen won’t be able to work its magic), it comes with rounded corners that mimic the familiar tablet silhouette.

Available now, the Moleskine Smart Writing Set is priced at $199, with additional Paper Tablet notebooks going for $29.95 apiece.

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