This Rack Lets You Store Mason Jars Under Wall Cabinets And Shelves


Remember the Bottleloft, which gave folks a way to take advantage of extra headroom in their fridges for storing beer and sodas? It’s awesome. If you use mason jars to store a variety of items in your kitchen, then Mom’s Mason Jar Rack provides a similar facility that you can use to store those containers under kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Made by Otter Lab, the rack can be mounted under wall cabinets and shelves, giving you a clever way to use the extra headroom in your kitchen counter. In case you need to install more racks, they can also mount against walls and pegboards, although having stuff sticking out of your wall sounds more like a waste of space than anything else.


Each Mom’s Mason Jar Rack can hold up to three mason jars with standard-sized mouths, giving you a handy place to hang all the jars you’re using to hold herbs, spices, and other cooking ingredients. It has a smooth contact surface, so it won’t leave nicks or scratches either on the jar or the lid, with a nickel-plated carbon steel construction ensuring it will hold up to years of use.


Do note, the jars are designed to slide in and out of the rack, so you’ll have to remove the ones in front to get to the one at the far end. It comes with a pin that can be inserted in front of the racks to prevent the jar from accidentally sliding out (e.g. during earthquakes).

Available in set of two, Mom’s Mason Jar Rack is priced at $21.99.

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