MonPere Travel Pillow Supports Your Head And Body Using Giant Puppet Hands


MonPere is, basically, an equal parts goofy and creepy stuffed doll consisting of an arm with large hands on either end. It’s the kind of thing that won’t look too out of place as part of someone’s Halloween costume. Despite its comedic horror stylings, the darn thing is actually meant to serve as an exceptionally versatile travel pillow.

Equipped with a flexible core, the pillow can be bent, twisted, and knotted in different ways, all while retaining the shape you put it in, allowing it to provide unique support for your head when sleeping during transit. Yes, having those giant hands means you can also make it look like it’s choking you, pulling your hair, or crushing your head with all its might, so you can use it to both help you sleep comfortably and amuse yourself during those times you’re not quite that sleepy.


There are five recommended ways to use MonPere, each one designed for folks who might find different sleeping positions comfortable. The first one, called Tester, uses one giant hand as your head pillow, with the arm wrapping around the neck before anchoring the other hand on the side of your rib cage, while the second, called Hugger, basically rolls the darn thing into a pillow you can hug while sleeping with your body forward. A third one called Sider is similar to the first, but positions one hand on the opposite side of the head while anchoring the other hand on your armpit, while the fourth, called Thinker, copies the Sider but wraps the arm around the neck for added support. The last one, called Wrapper, wraps the pillow around the neck and the chest, while anchoring to the head and back. Those are, however, just recommendations. Given how versatile this thing looks, chances are, you’ll find your own favorite positions for using it in no time.


It has a core made from flexible silicone, allowing it to bend and hold its shape until such time you apply pressure to bend it the other way. That core is surrounded by a cushy cotton padding and a cotton sleeve exterior, ensuring it provides the necessary softness to keep things comfortable while napping on your airplane seat. That cover can be easily unzipped for throwing in the washer, so you can wash this after every trip without any trouble.


According to its designers, MonPere uses the body’s natural pressure points to create resistance. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but we’re hoping it refers to its ability to provide the necessary support we’re looking for whenever we’re tired and sleepy during a flight. The best part? Since the darn thing looks like oversized puppet hands, it looks a heck of a lot more fun to wear than traditional travel pillows. So much so, in fact, that you can probably make your kid carry it without any complaints during family vacations. I mean, the darn thing looks adorable.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for MonPere. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at CAD $70.

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