Forget Making Your Own Superhero Suits, Nike’s Pro Combat Apparel Has You Covered

Everything is a struggle for people who want to be real life superheroes.  It just isn’t an easy path.

Take the superhero costume, for instance.  Anyone trying to create a real-life superhero persona will naturally look towards comic book superheroes for inspiration in their attire.  Problem is, a lot of superhero costumes are just plain dumb in the real world.  Capes?  Some dude can just step on that cape to stop you dead in your tracks.  Armored suits?  Yeah, good luck walking a block without feeling like you just dragged an elephant.  Exosuits?  Great in concept, but who do you know with ties to DARPA? Thought so. Simply put, it’s going to take a lot of trial and error to come up with a costume that will let you actually save the day while looking superheroic at the same time.  Might as well give up on making your own costume and just shop Nike’s Pro Combat Apparel line.

While the line has been out for a while, the continued advancement of clothing tech in the Pro Combat line has been downright impressive.  Fighting crime outside during winter?  Pick up their Hyperwarm garments, which are designed to keep you warm even in the nastiest of weathers.  Battling a seriously skilled 300-pound supersoldier in hand-to-hand combat?  Deck yourself in some Hyperstrong threads and their strategically-placed impact paddings to blunt some of the hits you’re likely to take.  Need help with muscle recovery after managing to survive that 300-pound supersoldier?  Hit the Swoosh shop for some of their Recovery Hypertights and let the graduated compression target specific body zones for accelerated active recovery.

Armed with seamless knit-engineering, panels for unrestricted movement, sweat-wicking fabrics, comfortable fit, and superhero-friendly designs, this line sounds like your best bet to streamlining the superhero costume process.   Only problem?  It’s always got that Swoosh thing on there, so you might want to patch it over with your own superhero insignia before going out.

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