Noise-Reducing Drapes Block 40% Of Outside Noise

Thick drapes do a good job of keeping bright lights out of your house.  These Noise-Reducing Drapes do more than block sunlight, though, they drown out sounds from entering your home, too.

Granted, these hanging cloths won’t turn your home intro a veritable silent fortress.  What they will do, instead, is drown out more loud sound than any other curtain in the market, dampening outside chatter, traffic and other ambient noises significantly.

The Noise-Reducing Drapes are made from a patented fabric structure that feature a tightly-bound triple weave of polyester yarn.  Appearance is described as having a soft hand weave, with a pinched pleated top and a hemmed bottom that give it a tailored appearance.  It comes in three colors — chocolate, tan and sage.

This unique material can absorb up to 40% of all sound waves coming in to your window, apart from blocking 99% of all UV light and maintaining room temperature with its natural insulative properties.  The product page claims that the sound absorption has been verified by an independent sound laboratory, so it should be a lot more than just boastful product claims.

Two sizes of the Noise-Reducing Drapes are available, 52 x 84 inches and 52 x 63 inches.   Hammacher Schlemmer has them for $69.95 and $59.95, respectively.

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