Carry A 60-Liter Barrel Like A Backpack Using This Clever Harness


Barrels make for great containers during outdoor adventures. They are, however, an absolute pain the ass to have around once you’re going on foot, so they’re best left in the vehicle, with their contents transferred into more convenient vessels. The North Water Quick Haul Harness changes that.

You know how you’ll have to carry a barrel by the handles on the sides, either by yourself or, preferably, with a friend? This thing changes that, as it can be mounted right on the barrel to turn it into a backpack-like contraption that you can sling over your shoulders, so your wider and larger torso can take the brunt of the weight rather than laying it all on your puny arms.


The North Water Quick Haul Harness can fit on both 30-liter and 60-liter barrels, so you can use no matter how big a container you’re carrying. To make sure the barrel stays stable, the harness doesn’t just strap over your shoulders, but also around the hips via a padded belt and across the torso via a sternum strap, with a cradling system pushing it away from your spine to optimize load distribution.


Features include 420D pack cloth construction, high-strength nylon webbing, 1-inch acetal ladder locks, and D-ring attachment points. Other than barrels, the harness can also be mounted on suitcases and other large containers, with an optional Quick Haul Extender allowing you to rig around larger objects like kayaks.

Available now, the North Water Quick Haul Harness is priced at $135.

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