Use OfficeGym To Turn Your Office Chair Into A Functional Exercise Machine


We won’t recommend using the OfficeGym in the middle of the workday. Pausing whatever you’re working on to do shoulder presses or chest flies just doesn’t seem like a great way to actually get stuff done. If you’re looking for a way to put in a light workout a couple times a day without having to leave the desk, though, this thing should do the trick.

Designed to attach to the backrest of any office chair (warning: won’t work if your backrest is a skateboard), the device allows you to perform three-dimensional resistance training exercises while staying on the seat. That way, you can turn downtimes at work into opportunities for physical activity, whether you’re waiting for a client to call back in five minutes or killing time after you finished your duties for the day.


OfficeGym consists of a harness that straps to your chair’s backrest and a pair of movable arms that house resistance bands with handles at the end. Simply lock the arms in either of two positions (up or down), grab the handles, and start performing your exercises. We’re not entirely sure how much resistance it delivers, but even a few pounds should be a decent amount of weight to get your heart rate up, especially when combined with other movements. As a fitness equipment, it functions much like resistance cables at the gym, which, when combined with the two arm positions, should give you a decent amount of possible exercise variations.


Want one? The OfficeGym is available now, priced at $129.

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