A Detachable Skateboard Serves As The Mobilite Chair’s Modular Backrest


We’ve seen skateboard chairs before, including office chairs, benches, and stools. So far, though, we haven’t seen anything like the Mobilite, which uses a detachable, rideable skateboard as the chair’s backrest.

Designed by Tim Defleur and Benjamin Helle, the chair is divided into two main parts: a padded stool and a padded skateboard that can be inserted into a slot on the seat, immediately turning it into a functional backrest. Any time you want to go to another section of the office floor and don’t feel like walking, just pull out the skateboard and ride it. Yes, don’t blame us if you end up crashing into your co-workers, their cubicles, or the printer in the corner, because… let’s be real… your office is probably too cramped for turning into a skate park.


The Mobilite’s main stool doesn’t have a set of casters, so you can’t exactly use it to slide around like a normal office chair. Then again, that’s what you have a skateboard for. Plus, that’s an extra reason to stand up and burn a little more calories (yeah, you didn’t exactly stick to that standing desk routine). Unlike regular skateboards, this one has a deck made from a flexible material on top of the padding, so it can actually support your back the way a proper backrest should, while you’re hard at work deciphering your clients’ cryptic emails. From the looks of things, you can even insert skateboards with regular decks on the slot, so you can change up your backrest game for your own amusement, whenever you feel like it.


Learn more about the Mobilite from Helle’s website.

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