Your Backyard May Not Fit A Pool, But It Can Fit This Gorgeous Wood-Fired Hot Tub


It looks like a voluminous contraption for cooking a whole pig in the summer, but that’s not what the Ox & Monkey Soak is supposed to do. Instead, it’s an outdoor-grade wood-fired hot tub you can use to dip in a vat of water in the backyard, so you can look like you’re bathing in a voluminous contraption that’s cooking you like a whole pig in the summer.

Granted, a tub of steaming hot water probably isn’t what you’re hankering to soak in during a scorching summer afternoon. For slightly windier summer nights and the chillier days of the year, however, this thing should offer an incredibly relaxing hot bath, while still making for a fine place to rest up and beat the heat during the warmer days of the year (just light a small fire or keep it unheated).


The Ox & Monkey Soak is a two-person tub inspired by the simple and clean lines of traditional Japanese furo wooden baths. Except, in this case, only the inside chamber is cobbled together in wood, with the rest of the body clad in TIG-welded marine-grade aluminum. A side-accessed stove allows you to easily add logs for heating up the water, with smoke pushing out of a stainless steel pipe, although there’s an also an alternate propane heating system for those times you don’t have a stack of logs on standby. It measures 90 x 32 x 34 inches (l x w x h), with enough room to accommodate up to two people at a time.


Available now, the Ox & Monkey Soak is priced at $4,995.

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