Your Office Desk Needs Panasonic’s Foldable Heater Under It This Winter


No matter how fancy the climate control in your office is, chances are good that it will still be too cold when winter rolls around. And you need all the help you can get to stay toasty. A warm jacket should take care of the job from the waist up, but how about the area from the waist down? Panasonic’s Foldable Under-the-Desk Heater offers a functional solution.

Unlike traditional heaters, it has neither an exposed heating element nor a noisy fan, making it both safe and non-intrusive to use at work. Instead, it uses an insulated heating element similar to those in heated blankets, gently radiating heat to raise the temperature within the immediate surroundings.


To use the Panasonic Foldable Under-the-Desk Heater, simply plug it into a wall outlet and stand it in an upright position facing your legs under the desk. Do note, if you have fidgety feet or frequently stretch your legs, there’s a good chance you’ll end up kicking this thing several times throughout the day, so you might want to get used to having to duck under the desk to set it back in a proper position.


Construction is polyester for the surface material, so it should look perfectly at home in most office settings, with a design that folds into flat-packed bundle that should fit into most office drawers. It comes with two heat settings, so you can ramp up the heat for those extra cold days.

Available now, the Panasonic Foldable Under-the-Desk Heater is priced at $124.

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