Parking Tickets For The Perenially Frustrated Motorist

Need some more ways to exercise passive-aggressive behavior on the parking lot? Get a stack of these insult-ready Parking Tickets and dispense them freely among the windshields of vehicles that turn the act of parking into a veritable disaster.

The parking lot has really evolved into more than a simple place to leave your car. For the most part, it’s now a battleground for frustration, as you struggle to find space, all while seeing a vehicle every couple of lanes taking up more than its allotted spot. Since you’re not a traffic officer, you can’t exactly make them pay for their lack of parking sense, leaving you with only a single recourse: venting your frustration any way you can find.

Instead of kicking the offending cars in frustration (that could trigger car alarms and get you in trouble) or going through the day with a chip on your shoulder, just leave them one of these fake parking tickets and hope they get the message. With creatively insulting messages, such as “This parking job violates the law. Of physics,” “If parking were a game of chess, you’d lose” and “Did you park this or land this,” it’s a great way to get your point across without ending up in a bad mood the rest of the day.

Of course, you won’t be there to see their reaction, but you’ll surely feel better knowing you got a word in, at least. You can choose from 10 different fake Parking Ticket messages, all with just the right tinge of acid wit to get the job done.

They’re available now for $7 per booklet, which is considerably cheaper than getting caught breaking some moron’s taillight with a tire wrench (which is, probably, what you’d really like to do).

[Shinebox via Outblush]