Penguin Home Soda Maker: Never Run Out Of Fizzy Drinks Again


Fancy an ice cold soda while you’re burning the midnight oil, pawning tools at Counter Strike (or whatever new FPS you’re getting all agitated for)?  Oh crap, no more Coke in the fridge!  Do you drive to the convenience store that’s 30 minutes away, wasting time you could be using neck deep in games, instead?  Hell, no.  You get your own soda machine – that’s the solution right there.

The Penguin Home Soda Maker lets you produce your own flavored fizzy water right in the comfort of your kitchen.  No more wrestling with the dilemma of whether to drive for sweetened carbonated drinks – just mix ’em up and you’ll get your sugar rush in no time.

Set comes with the Penguin-shaped soda machine, two 60-liter bottles of carbonators (good for 120 bottles of carbonated water) and two glass carafes.  You’ll need to buy separate flavor mixes if you’re not up to the task of concocting your own, with a large variety available (including a root beer, an energy drink, a Dr. Pepper taste-a-like and more).  Knowing your cheap ass, though, you’ll probably just throw in catsup with sugar and tough it out – you ain’t a hardcore gamer for nothing!

If you drink a lot of carbonated drinks, the Penguin Home Soda Maker should save you a lot of money in the long run, even if you do have to buy the flavors and the carbonator refills.  Requiring only 30 seconds to make a fresh batch, it’s a ridiculous time-saver too, allowing you to throw away more of your life waging online battles.

The Penguin Home Soda Maker set is ready to save you from the pangs of having-to-leave-the-house-to-get-a-Coke for $200.  Soda flavor 12-pack (good for one liter each) and flavored water 3-pack (20 liters each) sells for $10 each.

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