Playboy Cover To Cover: The Magazine’s 56-Year Archive For Your Private Perusal

Remember when you used to hide your Playboys under the bed, away from the parents’ prying eyes?  Now’s your chance to do it again, 21st century style, with Playboy Cover to Cover, a 250GB external hard drive with complete issues of the iconic magazine’s entire archive in digital form.

Released by publishing outfit Bondi Digital, the collection puts 56 years of drool-worthy nudes and the accompanying thoughtful articles into a portable slab.  That’s over 650 issues, from  December 1953 (with Marilyn Monroe on the cover) to December 2009 (with Chelsea Handler), totaling over 100,000 pages.  You can say what you want about the magazine now, but this is a chronicle of human history seen through the bosoms of the world’s sexiest women and it can’t help but be awesome.

Playboy Cover to Cover is housed inside a hard drive enclosure measuring 5 x 3 x 0.5 inches, with a big bunny logo printed right on it.  That way, you can’t deny it contains anything but porn.  Considering today’s brand of porn, though, we guess walking around the city with this in tow is a positive thing — almost like announcing, “I’m not a freak who’s into weird internet crap like that last guy you dated.”

No word on the brand of the 250GB drive, but we doubt that’s even an issue for the target market.  It will come with its own software, so you can view the issues with a neat and organized presentation (unlike those 500GB stash of torrented images on your “other” hard drives).

Price for the Playboy Cover to Cover portable hard drive is $299.95.  That includes an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, which you can claim after you copy the whole thing to your computer (not that we’re giving you any ideas, just so you know… it’s possible).