Python V12 Watch Winder Tells Weather And Holds Your Refined Vices, Too

You love your watches.  And you’re drowning in cash.  Here’s your next soul-satisfying purchase: the Buben & Zorweg V12 Python, a lavish watch winder with a whole host of versatile functions that any man with your kind of bank account can appreciate.

Aside from keeping your veritable fortune of a watch collection in pristine condition, the storage furnishing also doubles as  a bar, a humidor and a weather station.  That way, you can get drunk, light a cigar and read the barometric air pressure, all while admiring the gorgeous arm candies you’ve amassed during your worldly existence.

The Buben & Zorweg V12 Python comes in two configurations: one with space for 12 prized watches and another for 36.  Both are decked in stitched Italian leather and high-gloss walnut accents.  The higher levels of the furnishing are reserved for the timepieces, while the lower areas make room for similarly treasured wine bottles, glasses and fine cigar.

Two fold-out doors cover the lower two-thirds of the structure, keeping some of the watches and the weather gauges all visible.  If you’d rather go on full-display mode, though, simply open them to the sides and turn on the LEDs to leave your guests gushing with envy (and wonderment as to how much money you really burn through in a day).

If you’ve invested enough money in your watches, you might as well put as much on a watch winder to hold them.  The Buben & Zorweg V12 Python is available now, priced at $55,000 (and, no, that’s not a typo).

[Buben & Zorweg via Uncrate]