Feel Like You’re Camping While Chilling At Home In This Aide-De-Camp Chair From Revival Rugs

Most folding chairs are designed for convenience and utility. As such, they’re typically unsightly – the kind you’d prefer to keep folded and out of sight, only to be brought out when there are too many guests all at once. The Revival Rugs Aide-De-Camp Chair, apparently, didn’t get the memo, as this folding chair looks so good, it will be a travesty to let it live its life inside a dark closet.

Designed by Gizem Yuce, it’s an elevated take on the classic camp chair, albeit one that’s meant for use inside the home, rather than in the backcountry. Heck, it’s not even meant for use in the backyard, as this is squarely intended as seating furniture for living rooms, lounges, and other indoor spaces. According to the outfit, which actually makes rugs, the chair, along with other furniture pieces they make, is meant to complement their floor covers, making it easier for folks who buy their rugs to find pieces that will round out their home’s decors.

The Revival Rugs Aide-De-Camp Chair is a folding chair with a slight recline (105-degree angle between seat and back rest), making it an excellent piece to plop down on when reading, listening to music, or playing endless rounds of Mario Kart Tour on your phone. That’s, Mario is still eating up young people’s free time in 2020 and you don’t even need a Nintendo console to do it anymore. There’s no armrest, so it’s probably not the kind of chair you’ll want to sit on for extended periods (an armchair will absolutely work better), although it should make for a comfy spot to chill in when you get tired of the soft, fluffy couch.

It has a 14-inch seat height, which should make it feel like a proper camp chair, even though the rest of the piece feels better suited to the confines of a modern home, with the whole thing measuring 22 x 28 x 32 inches (width x height x depth) when laid out in full functional form. While it doesn’t fold flat like your usual folding chair, it does collapse to a compact enough size that you should be able to tuck it away in a variety of places. You can, for instance, stash it away inside closets, under the bed, or even the gap between the wall and other furniture pieces.

The Revival Rugs Aide-De-Camp Chair has a frame made from solid oak with a natural finish, while the seat and backrest are cut in 4mm tan leather.  According to the outfit, the leather is designed to loosen its fit over time, so it will get more comfortable as you use the chair over the years. It’s coated leather, by the way, so it should shrug off liquid spills and resist stains, all while cleaning easily with a simple wipe down. And yes, that leather is supposed to age beautifully and develop a unique patina over time.

Want one? The Revival Rugs Aide-De-Camp Chair is available now, priced at $549.

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