This Roof Rack Can Carry Your Bike With The Front Wheels On


Most roof racks for bicycles require you to remove the front wheel of the bike. It’s not that big of a hassle, but it does add a bit of extra work. If you’d rather not mess with the front wheel every time you take the bike on the road, Rhino Rack’s Hybrid Bike Carrier should have you covered.

Not only does the new rack let you mount a bike with the front wheel on, it can also accommodate nearly any type of bike. From 29ers and road bikes to kid’s bikes and hunting-equipped fat bikes, this thing will let you transport your favorite two-wheel steed without any modifications.


The Rhino Rack Hybrid Bike Carrier can mount on any of the popular roof racks using a universal mounting hardware, with three locking systems ensuring it grabs a secure hold both on the rack and on your bike. When mounting a bicycle, simply secure the front wheel using the ratchet arm and tie down the wheels using the integrated straps – done. From there, you just drive away and enjoy your pedal-pushing adventures.


When you get to the destination, a release trigger makes dismounting the bike a simple affair, ensuring you can get riding in minutes. According to Rhino Rack, the carrier can fit any bike with wheels between 20 and 29 inches, all while accommodating weights of up to 45 pounds.

Available now, the Rhino Rack Hybrid Bike Carrier is priced at $229.

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