Robotic Surgeries in 3D High Definition


The new da Vinci Si is the first robotic endoscopic system to offer 3D high-definition visuals, providing one channel of HD video for each each eye and merging them for accurate depth perception.  Along with a suite of technologically-adept features, it allows surgeons to perform highly precise microsurgeries better than ever before.

While my personal expertise with medical machines begin and end with retractable beds, MedGadgets likens the da Vinci Si to the fashion and ownership value of a top-end luxury car, meaning it costs an arm, a leg and several human sacrifices to procure.  Alternatively, it can also be bought with lots of money.


A remote console allows the surgeons to meticulously control various aspects of the surgery outside the operating room, directing the proceedings from a widescreen touch display.  It’s ergonomically designed to allow for extended comfort even during long sessions.

The device comes with a wide range of wristed instruments, available in 5mm and 8mm diameters, to allow for a variety of surgical tools, depending on what’s needed for each individual operation.  Furthermore, the system was designed with the future in mind, providing room for upgrades that may be made possible by next-generation technology.

I don’t know about you, but I’d want the best technology  available if I ever go in under the knife.  A precision machine like the da Vinci Si eliminates a lot of the human error that can factor in on a procedure’s success.  Obviously, there’s no point buying a machine like this for home use even if you have the money, but you can donate one to your favorite medical institution.

Intuitive Surgical via   MedGadgets