Mini Yule Log Brings Fireplace-Like Glow And Crackle To Your Space

There’s just something cozy and relaxing about staying in a room in the middle of winter with a log-burning fireplace keeping everything warm. Problem is, fireplaces are largely inefficient (most of the heat escape through the chimney) on top of posing health hazards (all that smoke can’t be good for you) and being troublesome for the environment. Yeah, you probably don’t want to install a brand new fireplace even if your house has the room to accommodate it. Maybe the Mini Yule Log can bring some of that cozy vibe to your room instead.

A part of RP Minis’ Miniature Editions line, it’s a tiny replica of a traditional fireplace that you can set down on a flat surface to bring the toasty feel of a hearth to your otherwise cramped apartment. You can place it on the side table next to the couch while you play video games in the living room, the nightstand next to the bed while you read a book to get sleepy, or the area below the monitor on your desk at work to add a comforting mood to the proceedings.

The Mini Yule Log comes with a tiny fireplace that measures 2.8 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches (width x height x depth), so it’s small enough to make room practically anywhere while being big enough that most everyone can appreciate it without having to bring it up to their face. It’s a pretty detailed fireplace, too, with a brick construction (well… plastic, but it looks like bricks), an arched header, and a wide mantle that you can actually use to hold other small stuff (like minifigs and green army men).

Inside the fake hearth is a bunch of fake logs that are burning, so it looks like you’ve got a warm, relaxing fire going at all times of the day. Does it actually burn anything? No. Does it actually generate any heat? No. It does, however, light up to look like its radiating a glowing flame and play satisfying crackling sounds, similar to the looped sound clips you’ll get from white noise apps when you choose the fireplace setting. Except, you know, with a fake fireplace producing all that crackling, sputtering, and snapping fire sounds. And yes, you can turn the light-up effects and crackling sound off at the push of a button.

The Mini Yule Log is powered by two AAA batteries, so you’ll have to keep feeding it electric fuel if you want to enjoy the glow and crackle of a fake hearth in your home. You can also imagine it’s burning the AAA cells because they’re shaped like tiny logs anyway to make it feel more real. It comes with a 48-page mini-book about fireplaces, too. You know, their history and the various traditions built around the traditional fuel-burning, home-heating fixture around the world, just in case you’re curious how fireplaces are used outside your familiar confines.

The RP Minis Miniature Editions Mini Yule Log is available now.