Rubik’s Cube Font Generator Makes Rubber Stamping Complicated Again


Some people work to find ways to simplify their lives.  Others discover new ones to complicate it.  The Rubik’s Cube Font Generator does the latter.

While it puts inked letters into paper much like any regular rubber stamp, you’ll have to piece together the corresponding tiles to form the characters that you want.  That means exercising your puzzle-solving skills 26 times if you want to put the alphabet on paper.

The Font Generator comes with four of its sides clad in a variety of rubber stamps, with the other two sets of tiles blank.  Since it can be rearranged much like a regular Rubik’s Cube, you can put together a good selection of characters for stamping onto paper.  It comes in regular Rubik’s Cube dimensions of 90 x 90 mm.

Created by Jas Bhachu from the Liverpool School of Art & Design, the versatile typographic rubber stamp should handily form any character (with a little imagination) and probably a few other shapes as well.  Those interested in torturing themselves trying to stamp words to a page can  torture themselves waiting as the Font Generator is a personal project and not currently available.  I’m pretty sure Jas will be willing to custom-build one for the right price, though.

[Jas Hands via Creative Review]