Russian Mobile Sauna Delivers Steam Baths To Your Doorstep


Stuck in a remote location in a cold part of Russia with no steam bath facility for miles?  Not a problem.  Just call Sergei and he will being his Mobile Sauna right to your doorstep.  Provided you’re not staying in the other side of the country, of course.

Called “banya,” wooden bath houses are supposed to be regular fixtures in many Russian homes.  Villages where houses aren’t typically equipped with one usually have communal banyas (at least, according to what I can scrounge up about Mother Russia) where locals can get their steam baths from.  Simply put, Russians love their saunas.


In case the village facility is full or if you’d rather not veer too far away from your home (I hate  traveling in freezing cold weather too), the Mobile Sauna should do the trick.   There’s nothing high-tech about this solution – Sergei simply outfitted a trailer with a wood cabin and turned the interior into a steam bath.   So it can actually move along in snow, he hooked it up to an old “Belarus” (does that mean it came from Belarus?) tractor which plods its way through the icy roads.


We’re not sure about Sergei’s business, but I’d assume he does well.  Even if he isn’t, at least he gets bikini-clad customers frolicking in the snow.  That should count for something, right?

[via English Russia]