Sea-Doo’s Inflatable “Jet Ski” Lets Kids Ride Around The Water At A Safe Pace


We’re big fans of Sea-Doo and their badass jet skis. So are all the little kids whose parents won’t allow to drive out on those gas-powered motorized watercrafts all on their own. Lucky for those kids, their parents might be more amenable to letting them out on the water in the Sea-Doo Inflatable Water Scooter.

A child-friendly version of the high-speed personal watercrafts you hear roaring in the beach (yeah, those things are noisy), this thing lets kids get around the water without the hazards of a powerful motor. That way, they can ride around the pool, lake, or any equally calm patch of water like they’re rocking a badass jet ski without wreaking havoc within the first five minutes.


The Sea-Doo Inflatable Water Scooter measures just 23.6 x 11.8 x 15.7 inches when deflated, allowing you throw it in the boot of a car for conveniently transporting down to a nearby lake. Once inflated, it balloons to 57.5 x 36.6 x 32.7 inches, with the ability to support up to 154 pounds of weight. To assuage parents’ concerns about kids getting in accidents on the water, it will only run at speeds of up to 2.2 mph, so it should be perfectly safe to take out on calm waters, provided they wear proper safety equipment. There’s also a grille around the propeller to further guarantee safety.

A single charge of the integrated battery can power it for 60 minutes of riding, after which it turns into a cute float that you can push around in the water. A swappable design, however, lets you easily insert a backup battery for another hour of riding, so you can easily keep it running for hours on end if you bring enough battery packs in tow.

Available now, the Sea-Doo Inflatable Water Scooter is priced at £239.95.

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