Skinth Storage Solutions: Finally, You Can Say Goodbye To Your Fanny Pack

I don't think fanny packs have ever been cool, even in the 80s.  But I'll be lying if I said I didn't love the utility of a spacious pocket tied around the waist.  If you’d rather do without the kooky aesthetic of a fanny pack or the metrosexual vibe of a small man bag, these Skinth Storage pouches should provide a more discreet alternative.

Designed for either slipping into your pants' pocket or clipping onto your belt watch, the pouches offer multiple places to hold smaller gear, like cellphones, pocket knives, thumb drives, pens and similar stash.  They vary in sizes (so it can hold those ever-growing smartphones) and designs (including ones with side pockets, loops and inner dividers) to hold different types of gear, so you can choose exactly the pouch you need.

Skinth's pouches are made from either 1000D PU-coated cordura nylon (which is more durable) or RealTree 1000D (which is thinner).  They come in 15 colors, ranging from black to camo to fluoro-orange, so you aren't stuck with boring earth tones or excessively loud bright ones if those aren't your style.  Each one features a velcro closure, which can be replaced with snaps for an extra fee.

If you've been on the hunt for small pouches that look hot and can cram a whole load of gear, you should check out the collection over at the Skinth Storage website.  Prices start at $20.

[Skinth Solutions]